Paul L. Robinson, PhD
Title Assistant Professor
Institution Charles R. Drew University of Medicine and Science
Department Surgery
School College of Medicine
Address 1731 E. 120th Street
Telephone (323) 563-3363
I am a medical geographer, with a concentration in the application of GIScience theory and methods to understanding and addressing Health and Medical related problems and issues. I work at the intersection of time, space, place and health. I am an assistant professor (soon to be associate), and am also the Director of the Charles Drew Medical GIS lab. Visit us at
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NIH Awarded Grants
1. Robinson PL, Dominguez F, Teklehaimanot S, Lee M, Brown A, Goodchild M. Does distance decay modelling of supermarket accessibility predict fruit and vegetable intake by individuals in a large metropolitan area? J Health Care Poor Underserved. 2013 Feb; 24(1 Suppl):172-85.
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2. Robinson P, Shaheen M, Smith J, Ryan D, Baker R. Residential accessibility to information technology retailers and self reported computer use among patients attending community clinics. AMIA Annu Symp Proc. 2009; 2009:542-6.
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3. Bluthenthal RN, Cohen DA, Farley TA, Scribner R, Beighley C, Schonlau M, Robinson PL. Alcohol availability and neighborhood characteristics in Los Angeles, California and southern Louisiana. J Urban Health. 2008 Mar; 85(2):191-205.
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4. Bluthenthal RN, Jacobson JO, Robinson PL. Are racial disparities in alcohol treatment completion associated with racial differences in treatment modality entry? Comparison of outpatient treatment and residential treatment in Los Angeles County, 1998 to 2000. Alcohol Clin Exp Res. 2007 Nov; 31(11):1920-6.
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5. Jacobson JO, Robinson PL, Bluthenthal RN. Racial disparities in completion rates from publicly funded alcohol treatment: economic resources explain more than demographics and addiction severity. Health Serv Res. 2007 Apr; 42(2):773-94.
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6. Heslin KC, Robinson PL, Baker RS, Gelberg L. Community characteristics and violence against homeless women in Los Angeles County. J Health Care Poor Underserved. 2007 Feb; 18(1):203-18.
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7. Jacobson JO, Robinson P, Bluthenthal RN. A multilevel decomposition approach to estimate the role of program location and neighborhood disadvantage in racial disparities in alcohol treatment completion. Soc Sci Med. 2007 Jan; 64(2):462-76.
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8. Cohen DA, Ghosh-Dastidar B, Scribner R, Miu A, Scott M, Robinson P, Farley TA, Bluthenthal RN, Brown-Taylor D. Alcohol outlets, gonorrhea, and the Los Angeles civil unrest: a longitudinal analysis. Soc Sci Med. 2006 Jun; 62(12):3062-71.
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9. Bluthenthal RN, Browntaylor D, Guzmán-Becerra N, Robinson PL. Characteristics of malt liquor beer drinkers in a low-income, racial minority community sample. Alcohol Clin Exp Res. 2005 Mar; 29(3):402-9.
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10. Calderón JL, Shaheen M, Pan D, Teklehaimenot S, Robinson PL, Baker RS. Multi-cultural surveillance for ectopic pregnancy: California 1991-2000. Ethn Dis. 2005; 15(4 Suppl 5):S5-20-4.
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11. Lin, J. Robinson, PL. Spatial Disparities in the Expansion of the Chinese Ethnoburb of Los Angeles. GeoJournal. 2005; (64):51-61.
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12. Bell DS, Daly DM, Robinson P. Is there a digital divide among physicians? A geographic analysis of information technology in Southern California physician offices. J Am Med Inform Assoc. 2003 Sep-Oct; 10(5):484-93.
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13. Juarez PD, Robinson PL, Matthews-Juarez P. 100% access, zero health disparities, and GIS: an improved methodology for designating health professions shortage areas. J Health Soc Policy. 2002; 16(1-2):155-67.
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14. Padgett, D.A. and Robinson, P.L. . A Geographic Information Systems Method for Environmental High Impact Areas (EHIAs) Delineation for Environmental Justice Research. Papers and Proceedings of the 22nd Annual Applied Geography Conference. 1999; (22):61-69.
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