Pluscedia G Williams
Title Instructor
Institution Charles R. Drew University of Medicine and Science
Department Preventive and Social Medicine
School College of Medicine
Address 1731 E. 120th Street

Telephone (310) 892-0654
Education & Training
NIH Awarded Grants
Project TitleProject NumberFY
1. Mendel P, O'Hora J, Zhang L, Stockdale S, Dixon EL, Gilmore J, Jones F, Jones A, Williams P, Sharif MZ, Masongsong Z, Kadkhoda F, Pulido E, Chung B, Wells KB. Engaging Community Networks to Improve Depression Services: A Cluster-Randomized Trial of a Community Engagement and Planning Intervention. Community Ment Health J. 2020 May 19.
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2. Vargas SM, Wennerstrom A, Alfaro N, Belin T, Griffith K, Haywood C, Jones F, Lunn MR, Meyers D, Miranda J, Obedin-Maliver J, Pollock M, Sherbourne CD, Springgate BF, Sugarman OK, Rey E, Williams C, Williams P, Chung B. Resilience Against Depression Disparities (RADD): a protocol for a randomised comparative effectiveness trial for depression among predominantly low-income, racial/ethnic, sexual and gender minorities. BMJ Open. 2019 10 22; 9(10):e031099.
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3. Arevian AC, Springgate B, Jones F, Starks SL, Chung B, Wennerstrom A, Jones L, Kataoka SH, Griffith K, Sugarman OK, Williams P, Haywood C, Kirkland A, Meyers D, Pasternak R, Simmasalam R, Tang L, Castillo EG, Mahajan A, Stevens M, Wells KB. The Community and Patient Partnered Research Network (CPPRN): Application of Patient-Centered Outcomes Research to Promote Behavioral Health Equity. Ethn Dis. 2018; 28(Suppl 2):295-302.
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4. Mango JD, Griffith K, Kacsits O, Plaia MJ, Santostefano A, Flores J, Haywood C, Jones A, Kirkland A, Williams P. Commentary: Community Partner Experiences in CPPR: What Participation in Partnered Research Can Mean to Community and Patient Stakeholders. Ethn Dis. 2018; 28(Suppl 2):311-316.
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5. Springgate B, Tang L, Ong M, Aoki W, Chung B, Dixon E, Johnson MD, Jones F, Landry C, Lizaola E, Mtume N, Ngo VK, Pulido E, Sherbourne C, Wright AL, Whittington Y, Williams P, Zhang L, Miranda J, Belin T, Gilmore J, Jones L, Wells KB. Comparative Effectiveness of Coalitions Versus Technical Assistance for Depression Quality Improvement in Persons with Multiple Chronic Conditions. Ethn Dis. 2018; 28(Suppl 2):325-338.
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6. Anderson GL, Heller SM, Pulido E, Williams P, Orduna A, Bromley E, Booker-Vaughns J. Growing a Community-Academic Partnership: Lessons Learned in Forming a Qualitative Interview Team for the Community Partners in Care Study. Ethn Dis. 2018; 28(Suppl 2):365-370.
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7. Arevian AC, O'Hora J, Jones F, Mango J, Jones L, Williams PG, Booker-Vaughns J, Jones A, Pulido E, Banner-Jackson D, Wells KB. Participatory Technology Development to Enhance Community Resilience. Ethn Dis. 2018; 28(Suppl 2):493-502.
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8. Jones L, Wells K, Lin HJ, Wang C, Alo AK, Williams P, Jones F, Dickson PI, Han S, Pardo D, Norris K, Jones A, Wright A, Young K, Rotter JI. Community Partnership in Precision Medicine: Themes from a Community Engagement Conference. Ethn Dis. 2018; 28(Suppl 2):503-510.
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9. Sherbourne CD, Aoki W, Belin TR, Bromley E, Chung B, Dixon E, Gilmore JM, Johnson MD, Jones F, Koegel P, Khodyakov D, Landry CM, Lizaola E, Mtume N, Ngo VK, Ong MK, Perlman J, Pulido E, Sauer V, Tang L, Whittington Y, Vidaurri E, Williams P, Lucas-Wright A, Zhang L, Miranda J, Jones L, Wells K. Comparative Effectiveness of Two Models of Depression Services Quality Improvement in Health and Community Sectors. Psychiatr Serv. 2017 Dec 01; 68(12):1315-1320.
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10. Ong MK, Jones L, Aoki W, Belin TR, Bromley E, Chung B, Dixon E, Johnson MD, Jones F, Koegel P, Khodyakov D, Landry CM, Lizaola E, Mtume N, Ngo VK, Perlman J, Pulido E, Sauer V, Sherbourne CD, Tang L, Vidaurri E, Whittington Y, Williams P, Lucas-Wright A, Zhang L, Southard M, Miranda J, Wells K. A Community-Partnered, Participatory, Cluster-Randomized Study of Depression Care Quality Improvement: Three-Year Outcomes. Psychiatr Serv. 2017 Dec 01; 68(12):1262-1270.
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