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Threshold of metabolic acidosis associated with newborn cerebral palsy: medical legal implications.Academic Article Why?
Forensic Analysis of Umbilical and Newborn Blood Gas Values for Infants at Risk of Cerebral Palsy.Academic Article Why?
Surgical interventions for vertical strabismus in superior oblique palsy.Academic Article Why?
Bell PalsyConcept Why?
Bulbar Palsy, ProgressiveConcept Why?
Cerebral PalsyConcept Why?
Pseudobulbar PalsyConcept Why?
Supranuclear Palsy, ProgressiveConcept Why?
Marasigan, AristotlePerson Why?
Ross, MichaelPerson Why?
Use of umbilical artery base excess: algorithm for the timing of hypoxic injury.Academic Article Why?
Coleman, AnnePerson Why?
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