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Academic Article Interaction between microRNAs and actin-associated protein Arpc5 regulates translational suppression during male germ cell differentiation.
Academic Article Reproductive aging in the male brown-Norway rat: a model for the human.
Academic Article Muscle injury, impaired muscle function and insulin resistance in Chromogranin A-knockout mice.
Academic Article Nicotine plus a high-fat diet triggers cardiomyocyte apoptosis.
Academic Article E-cigarettes and Western Diet: Important Metabolic Risk Factors for Hepatic Diseases.
Academic Article Electronic cigarettes cause alteration in cardiac structure and function in diet-induced obese mice.
Academic Article Temporal and stage-specific changes in spermatogenesis of rat after gonadotropin deprivation by a potent gonadotropin-releasing hormone antagonist treatment.
Academic Article Adverse effects of fetal exposure of electronic-cigarettes and high-fat diet on male neonatal hearts.
Academic Article The anti-progestin CDB 2914 has no antifertility effect in male rats.
Academic Article Mitochondrial-dependent apoptosis in experimental rodent abdominal aortic aneurysms.
Academic Article Tissue-specific RNAi reveals that WT1 expression in nurse cells controls germ cell survival and spermatogenesis.
Academic Article Mitogen-activated protein kinase signaling in male germ cell apoptosis in the rat.
Academic Article Impact of Chromogranin A deficiency on catecholamine storage, catecholamine granule morphology and chromaffin cell energy metabolism in vivo.
Academic Article a7-Nicotinic Acetylcholine Receptor Agonist Ameliorates Nicotine Plus High-Fat Diet-Induced Hepatic Steatosis in Male Mice by Inhibiting Oxidative Stress and Stimulating AMPK Signaling.
Academic Article In the male brown-Norway (BN) male rat, reproductive aging is associated with decreased LH-pulse amplitude and area.
Academic Article Minocycline suppresses oxidative stress and attenuates fetal cardiac myocyte apoptosis triggered by in utero cocaine exposure.
Academic Article A novel cystine based antioxidant attenuates oxidative stress and hepatic steatosis in diet-induced obese mice.
Academic Article Additive effects of nicotine and high-fat diet on hepatic steatosis in male mice.
Academic Article Long-term supplementation with a cystine-based antioxidant delays loss of muscle mass in aging.
Academic Article Chronic intermittent electronic cigarette exposure induces cardiac dysfunction and atherosclerosis in apolipoprotein-E knockout mice.
Academic Article A mouse model for chronic intermittent electronic cigarette exposure exhibits nicotine pharmacokinetics resembling human vapers.
Academic Article Role of ß-catenin in post-meiotic male germ cell differentiation.
Academic Article Effect of nicotine on body composition in mice.
Academic Article Nicotine in combination with a high-fat diet causes intramyocellular mitochondrial abnormalities in male mice.
Academic Article Additive effects of nicotine and high-fat diet on hepatocellular apoptosis in mice: involvement of caspase 2 and inducible nitric oxide synthase-mediated intrinsic pathway signaling.
Academic Article Testosterone is essential for skeletal muscle growth in aged mice in a heterochronic parabiosis model.
Academic Article Further observations of stage-specific effects seen after short-term hypophysectomy in the rat.
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Academic Article Fatty Acid Excess Dysregulates CARF to Initiate the Development of Hepatic Steatosis.
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